360º Photography
A particular case of panoramic photography is when the panorama extends all around in a 360 degrees angle of vision.
Taken to the limit, the vertical angle of vision can also be total and thus we'd have a 360x360 photography.
Here I present only photos of 360º horizontal but a more limited vertical angle of vision.
The static image resulting of the stitching of photos covering 360º is called equirectangular and, when seen that way, it does show its full potencial. But when that image is inside a system that simulates the distortion of our vision's perspective and allows us to navigate it as if we were turning our body and head around, then we have some kind of virtual reality (VR).

One of the software tools that allows us to create such reality is again Autopano.
Here are some samples of 360º photos.
Click the equirectangular to see the VR version (you'll need the flash plugin active).

Equirectangular - Monsaraz Castle
Monsaraz Castle interior, used as a traditional bull fighting arena.

Equirectangular - Almendres Cromlech
Almendres Cromlech. Évora, Portugal.

Equirectangular - Inca House
Inca House interior. Machu Picchu, Peru.