Tuong's Rebellion - Characters

The book's main character, the Captain. He is a human that submited to alteration promoted by alien technology and that way became stronger and faster, physical and mentally.
When he finds out the Tuarian's hidden agenda, he starts the rebellion and triggers the whole adventure.
Somewhere in the middle of the plot his name is known: Andrew MacGregor.

Fada - made with atractive female forms she likes to insinuate herself before Tuong. She ends up being his fiercest enemy.
Ninja - the fast and stealth alien.
Comandante - the stronger of all aliens and Tuong's direct superior officer.
Enviado - alien diplomat, belongs to joint World State/Tuar command.

Altered soldiers team
Corporal Jamal - atentive, fast, inquisitive and sharp. Ambush specialist but not that much daring.
Soldier Taylor - Big and brave. Skilled in fast and precision fire well above average of other soldiers. Capable of flying/driving most of war ships and vehicles.
Soldier Eduardo Vasquez
Lieutenant Jonas Web - biggest supporter and helper of the Captain and his only confident on sensible issues.
Corporal Anna Parker - inquisitive and capable of looking at issues from new perspectives and offering solutions.
Soldier Zach Gowan - average altered soldier and team's doctor.
Soldier David Yang - ambush and stealth specialist.
Soldier Victor West
Soldier John Tango - large, strong, weavy weaponery specialist and other large power fire skills.
Soldier Linda Hank
Soldier Marco Alesbury (Al) - the only of the team that will not follow the Captain on his rebellion.

2nd team of altered soldiers
Lieutenant Bashall
Cabo Preston

Other important characters
General - Supreme military comander of World State. Former friend and academy colleague of Captain MacGregor
Sheila - starts as doctor Miller's assistant.
Doctor Miller - anarchist scientist.
Abasi - african native child protected by Sheila.

Other unnamed characters
Drunken civilian
World State command communications operator
Ships on pursuit's pilots
Transport ship guarding soldiers
Tuong's Rebellion
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