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These ships are mentioned in several places throughout the book. They are real flying tanks and their creators had not in mind any kind of aestethics or grace when drawing it. It's a pure war machine without any other concerns whatsoever.
Beyond other less caring names, the ship is known as "Shoebox".

The picture depicts the way I first thought of this ship.

For a more complete description, here's an excerpt of Tuong's Rebellion, chapter 6:

The rectangular and far from elegant shape originated the informal name by which these ships were known. Set down or hovering, the heavy wings first folded down from the top of the "box" and then again at the middle, providing armoured shield to the ship and the two side thrusters. With a similar angle, the front was cut at the center by an inverted V shape, with some sort of glass protected by thick blades of armour. This was the flight cockpit. At the rear the exact same shape, but without the glass. There was only two dump doors that opened up and down to give access to the ship’s interior.
At the front four double canons, two each side of the cockpit, one set above the fuselage bend and one below, provided a fire power that could rival any ground armoured tank. Two more at each lateral of the ship completed the medium fire power. At the top, a huge inline quadruple barrel canon, now recoiled, had the power to penetrate any armour if a direct hit was achievable.
This was a small terror monster to the enemy in the field. But its low speed and next to zero maneuverability made of it an easy target for aerial strikes. They still had an aerodynamic flight mode. The wings stretched completely to the sides and, slightly curved along their length, they provided enough lift when rear thrusters rotated back and pushed the ship forward.

Draft of the ship «Shoebox»

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